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Activities at the Lodge

rabbit pen We raise a wide variety of farm animals from Spring to Fall. During your visit to The Ponderosa Lodge, you may see ducks, turkeys, rabbits, cows, sheep, pigs, and goats. All of our farm animals graze on fresh pasture daily behind electrified fences. Their diet is also supplemented with a small amount of feed. There are no animal by-products, hormones, or antibiotics added to the feed.

We invite you to tour the farm with us each morning and evening when we feed and water the animals. At that time, you may ask us any questions that you have about life on a small farm and visit with the animals up close. We are a working farm, however; not a petting zoo. Farm animals can and do bite. Therefore, we kindly ask that guests not enter any outbuildings, high tunnels, or pastures, or open any animal cages without our advance permission and our assistance.

turkeys in pasture
Liam with pumpkins We grow an extensive vegetable garden each year to feed our family and yours. The type and amount of vegetables that we grow varies from year to year. We also have numerous fruit bushes, including blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry; fruit trees, including peach and apple; and other varieties of fruits. You can stroll through our gardens to see the many varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs we are growing. We are always happy to discuss our organic gardening methods and answer any questions that our guests may have.

Here on the farm, we practice organic methods of pest and disease control. Most of our seeds come from non-GMO seed banks, and we save many of our seeds for replanting the next year.

irises There are hundreds of varieties of perennials at The Ponderosa Lodge that bloom from early spring to late fall. Each year, we add to the collection. We are currently construcing a rooftop garden on the garden shed. You are welcome to stroll through the flower gardens at your leisure. We are always happy to discuss our organic gardening methods and answer any questions that our guests may have.
nature walks Our mile long hiking trail through the fields and woods surrounding the lodge are perfect for relaxing and wildlife viewing. Strolling along the trail, one can see butterflies, deer, wild turkey, owls, bobcat, coyote, bear and over 90 species of birds including the Yellow-Throated warbler, Cedar Waxwing, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager, as well as a Bald Eagle.
playground Besides the farm activities, we have a large playground for the kids, which features a playhouse, slide, 2-child glider, 2-person swing, and child-size swings. We have a large net for badminton/volleyball, a horseshoe pit, cornhole game, and many yard games for all ages.
gameroom For those who want to stay inside, we offer many activities. Our game room features a ping pong table, many board games and puzzles. We have an extensive library of books and magazines along with smart TV and a large collection of DVDs in the great room and game room. You can keep in touch with those who could not join you with our excellent cell phone service.
cooking classes We are happy to host cooking classes for your group for a nominal fee. A sample of classes include:

bread baking,
cinammon rolls and sticky buns,
jams and jellies,
canning and preserving, or

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